Re: one rep-gtk and one sawfish bug

On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 8:05 AM, Wang Diancheng <dianchengwang gmail com> wrote:
> I filed two bugs on rep-gtk and sawfish bugzilla:
> sawfish:
> mxflat theme's button images are not installed when make install

This one was reported before, and IIRC was suggested to install the
archived theme as a workaround. At least for me, autoconf is a scary
beast, aka I have no clues about it. (^__^)

> rep-gtk:
> [PATCH] @DEVELOPMENT_CFLAGS@ break rep-gtk build on autoconf 2.61

I'm struggling to complete the two tasks I've promised to look for two
weeks ago (stagger option and sawfish-client, lately I usually come
home mentally spent) and as I've said above, I'm not confident with


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