GNOME Bugzilla - Patch Push

I'm currently spending some time on the bugzilla hunting for
interresting patches. This is what I found for Sawfish:


This patch fixes an issue, where the moved window looses focus


This one is a pretty simple two-liner. It gives the user the ability to
self-define the command for viewing Sawfish's info file.


This patch add the Enter-Click focus mode. I updated the patch to apply
against 1.3.3. More about that patch in the Bug.


This patch contains a new function and bugfixes. [Should be splitt] At
least the fixes sound interresting.


This patch updates the spec file. Should be commited.

Together with the 5 (or 6?) patches from the Wiki that should be more
than enough for 1.3.4, shouldn't it?


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