New patches :)


I just noticed a great deal of new patches submitted on wiki. Thank
you very much for your invaluable effort, especially to Christopher
Bratusek and Teika Kazura (nice nick :) Since you are doing so much,
you might even want to add yourself to 
If you wish to, please don't hesitate :)

In fact other people from this list could add themselves also, just
to show others, that they care about sawfish :)

It will be great if everyone here could take his opportunity to test
the patches, and place his vote. Remember that without votes, and
testing it's impossible to decide whether to apply a patch or not.

Currently I'm preparing for two last conferences for this summer, so
I'm still a bit short on time. But when it's finished next month I
should get around to sawfish, and think about making a release
(I cannot give any dates yet!) probably also sawfish-pager which
I promised to release quite a long ago with a few patches.

thanks a lot for your (each of you) effort!
Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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