Re: again about "Alpha backgrounds"

Janek Kozicki wrote:
> Hello Philip,
> I tried the "Alpha backgrounds" patch again. And in fact I don't
> understand what it is fixing. I thought that it will fix the problem
> shown on the attached screenshot, but it doesn't. I just made this
> screenshot using 1.3.2 with this patch. 
> can you elaborate a bit more about this patch?

Well, your screenshot is unfortunately a bit of a bad example with the
whole batman theme. When you have an app using an ARGB visual, it will
cause sawfish to use ARGB for the frame window - and it then uses
gdk-pixbuf to render the frame. however, gdk-pixbuf doesn't know how
to correctly handle the visual, with the result that it clobbers
the alpha channel to zero. Then X will render the frame elements as
transparent (but not invisible because X uses pre-calculated alpha
on the RGB values).

So, just run gnome-terminal with transparency and you'll see the
frame elements are transparent instead of solid, and with my patch
they will be correctly solid.


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