Re: Confirming this bug still exists.

Dan Merillat said:     (by the date of Tue, 15 Jan 2008 17:35:31 -0500)

> I'm going to take a look into it, here's what I see so far:
> using focus-follows-mouse, click 'write' in thunderbird.  Place the
> mouse directly _UNDER_ the To: text field, and press any character.
> The address completion window pops up, then instantly closes, chosing
> the first completion and pasting into the text field.   Placing the
> mouse anywhere where it will not intersect with the text window will
> not cause this behavior.

with: Menu->Customize->Focus: "enter-only" I couldn't reproduce this, 
however with "enter-exit" I can reproduce this bug.

> I'm not positive, but it looks like if a child window opens under the
> cursor, it gets a focus _AND_ click event.   I'm going to do some
> event tracing to see what I can find.

please do. Anything you can - will help here. Of course a patch would
be the best ;)

Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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