Preparations for release 1.3.2


I was too busy past 3 months, but now I have time to make release
1.3.2 with all the patches submitted to our wiki.

So I plan to release 1.3.2 around 20 january and all submitted
Patches will be considered for inclusion into this release. However
it is not possible for me to make an uninformed choice. Your votes are
really necessary to make a decision. If you are concerned about
sawfish release 1.3.2 please do following:

   1. pick a particular patch and test it in your sawfish, by
      applying it to your sawfish installation and checking how it

   2. edit the patch page and put there either {{yes}}, {{no}} or
      {{wtf}}, with a small comment how well/bad it performs. 

Patches that I'm unable to verify (be it positively or negatively)
will remain in submitted patches waiting for next release. All the
other patches will be either accepted and included in 1.3.2 release
or rejected.

Your input in this wiki and the mailing list is really important,
it's all of you who drives sawfish releases. I'm just humbly making
it happen ;) No jokes - it's really true :)

hope to hear from you

PS: I've also written a news entry on our wiki website.
Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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