Re: again about "Alpha backgrounds"

On Wed, 30 Jan 2008 08:06:04 -0800
Philip Langdale <philipl overt org> wrote:

> Andrea Vettorello wrote:
> > 
> > When you say gnome-terminal transparency you don't mean the
> > "transparent background" option under Profile -> Effects, right?
> > 
> > If i use xcompmgr i've the same result with Metacity or Sawfish, the
> > trasparent background is done as the usual root window background
> > clipping, and changing opacity/transparency with transset in both WMs
> > affects windows and frames (you mention true transparency on the wiki
> > so i'm doing something wrong).
> You need to start xcompmgr before you start *any* gnome-terminals. It
> can't switch between fake and real transparency on the fly. Once you
> do that, it will do real transparency and you'll see the problem.

I found out today that you need to have an up to date version of
xcompmgr to get the gnome-terminal real transparency to work. The
debian and Ubuntu packages are not recent emough. Using the Ubuntu
package, I got pseudo transparency. I built a package from git and I
got real transparency. You can tell by moving the gnome-terminal window
over another window's frame. If the frame doesn't show through the
gnome-terminal window, you've got the pseudo style.

And yes, I did see the aforementioned clipping issue when I tried it.
Windows that are set with transset do not exhibit the problem, though.

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