sawfish-experimental 1.3.5 ?


I just had this idea, that we could be doing two releases each time
when there is a release. Basically providing two sawfish packages.

As I said, I'm currently using sawfish with all currently submitted
patches - applied. Why not allow everyone else who wants - to use
sawfish like that also?

the idea is very simple:

1. We always release sawish-x.y.z and sawfish-experimental-x.y.z+1

2. People can install whichever package they want

3. On each release some patches will be slowly migrating from -experimental
   to stable. But NOT ALL patches from experimental. Only those that
   did not cause problems in experimental release.

4. we would keep sawfish-experimental as a branch of sawfish.

5. on wiki, the patches that are currently applied in experimental
   release will get a [[Category:In experimental release]] tag.

6. When time will come for next release some patches will migrate.
   Some will not.

If we keep all patches tracking on wiki carefully enough, the two
branches will not drift away from each other (every diff between the
two will be documented on wiki) and at the same time people will be
able to install -experimental if they wish to. 

I hope that Rodrigo will not have any troubles in adding
sawfish-experimental package to debian.

Frankly I like this idea a lot.

Here's how I'd see on current schedule:

- release sawfish-1.3.4
- release sawfish-experimental-1.3.5 (with all currently submitted patches)

wait aprox. two months for bug reports on 1.3.4

- release sawfish-1.3.5 (mainly bug fixes WRT to 1.3.4 and some
    patches from currently submitted patches - but be conservative about
    patches on this release, it's bugfix mainly)

- release sawfish-experimental-1.5.0 (with all new patches included -
    from those two months time, I hope that it will be with tabs as well)

wait again for several months, maybe even a year - this should be
enough time for people to poke sawfish tabs in experimental-1.5.0 and
rewrite it (submit patches) to be better implemented. If they will be
rewritten in a way that satisfies all the developers here then:

- release sawfish-1.5.0 with tabs cleanly implemented!
- release sawfish-experimental-1.5.1 with all patches submitted at that time

and so on....

how do you like the idea? I like it a lot. Basically I'm ready to
make those two releases today. But too much hurry is always bad, so I
must wait for you opinions :)

Or better make the sawfish-experimental release always about two
weeks after the sawfish release. That will give more time for people
to submit few more patches, just like it happened with rc1

Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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