Re: build/rep-gtk issue

danch nvisia com (2007-09-17 at 2209.52 -0500):
> OK, I've realized that the problem there is a bad build of rep-gtk. It fails building gtk-glue.c. doing 'make' twice in this case results in an apparently successful build with an incomplete gtk-glue.c
> The error I'm getting is:
> [danch hagrid rep-gtk-0.18]$ make gtk-glue.c
> rep -f build-gtk-batch gtk.defs gtk-glue.c
> *** Error: Unknown type: GSList
> make: *** [gtk-glue.c] Error 1
> So there's no GSList in any of the included defs. README.gtk-defs
> mentions that the guile .defs 'seem to add' list and slist, among
> others. So what do the guile .defs have to do with rep-gtk? I don't
> see anywhere where they're included, and guile doesn't seem to be
> linked in.

Guile GTK binding was used as based for Rep GTK one.

"This is rep-gtk 0.0, a binding of GTK+/GNOME/libglade for the rep Lisp
 system. It is based on Marius Vollmer's guile-gtk binding (initially
 version 0.15, updated to 0.17), with a new glue-code generator."


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