Re: Sawfish/Gnome/Xinerama dropping windows

Thanks Timo, you are being a big help.

--- Timo Korvola <Timo Korvola iki fi> wrote:
> Scott Anderson <ee_in_co yahoo com> writes:
> >      0x1200001 "gnome-panel": ("gnome-panel" "Gnome-panel")  10x10+10+10  +10+10
> >         0x1200003 "Start Panel": ("gnome-panel" "Gnome-panel")  1600x23+0+0  +0+1177
> > "Start Panel" is the child of the preceding "gnome-panel"
> The one with size 10x10?  I also wonder where that absolute y
> position of 1177 came from.

I don't understand how parent/child window geometries work, but I believe the size of my panel is
1600x23, so 1177+23 = 1200 is the bottom of the screen.

> > They still don't respond to get-window-* commands.
> If they are children of the root window, that should mean one of two
> things: either they are withdrawn (i.e., unmapped by client) or have
> the override redirect flag set.

Can we get them back (i.e. map them again) or change the redirect flag without a window handle? 
In  other words, what options do we still have?


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