Re: Sawfish/Gnome/Xinerama dropping windows

--- Timo Korvola <Timo Korvola iki fi> wrote:
> "Andrea Vettorello" <andrea vettorello gmail com> writes:
> > 0x1200003 has definitely the geometry of a bottom screen panel, but i
> > have no idea how to handle unmanaged windows.
> That one does not look like a toplevel window.  What is the parent?

All the windows listed below are children of the root window:
     0x1201853 "gnome-panel": ("gnome-panel" "Gnome-panel")  226x21+112+1154  +112+1154
     0x12019c2 "gnome-panel": ("gnome-panel" "Gnome-panel")  225x450+334+729  +334+729
     0x1201871 "gnome-panel": ("gnome-panel" "Gnome-panel")  235x1076+271+100  +271+100
     0x1200001 "gnome-panel": ("gnome-panel" "Gnome-panel")  10x10+10+10  +10+10
        0x1200003 "Start Panel": ("gnome-panel" "Gnome-panel")  1600x23+0+0  +0+1177
     0x122216c "Drawer": ("gnome-panel" "Gnome-panel")  46x23+363+1177  +363+1177
     0x1201a78 "Drawer": ("gnome-panel" "Gnome-panel")  46x23+279+1177  +279+1177

"Start Panel" is the child of the preceding "gnome-panel"

I'm getting different information now from "xwininfo -root -tree".  When I quit out of
sawfish-client using ",q", all the windows on my desktop "restarted."  Now I only have the
following gnome-panel windows:

     0x1201853 "gnome-panel": ("gnome-panel" "Gnome-panel")  226x21+112+1154  +112+1154
     0x1200001 "gnome-panel": ("gnome-panel" "Gnome-panel")  10x10+10+10  +10+10

They still don't respond to get-window-* commands.


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