Re: Sawfish/Gnome/Xinerama dropping windows

--- Timo Korvola <Timo Korvola iki fi> wrote:
> Scott Anderson <ee_in_co yahoo com> writes:
> > How can I get a list of all my windows?
> (managed-windows)

Thanks for all the help.  I've gathered some more infomration and need some direction.

>From sawfish-client, (managed-windows) returns the following list:

(#<window 2a0000b>
 #<window 2e00023>
 #<window 2a01da3>
 #<window 1000059>
 #<window 2e002a7>
 #<window 2a46f37>
 #<window 2a919ff>
 #<window 4200029>
 #<window 4200003>
 #<window 1600047>
 #<window 2e0301c>
 #<window 2e030a1>
 #<window 280003f>
 #<window 2c0006a>
 #<window 30000af>)

And from "xwininfo -root -tree" I was able to find several gnome-panel named window ids:

     0x1201853 "gnome-panel": ("gnome-panel" "Gnome-panel")  226x21+112+1154  +112+1154
     0x12019c2 "gnome-panel": ("gnome-panel" "Gnome-panel")  225x450+334+729  +334+729
     0x1201871 "gnome-panel": ("gnome-panel" "Gnome-panel")  235x1076+271+100  +271+100
     0x1200001 "gnome-panel": ("gnome-panel" "Gnome-panel")  10x10+10+10  +10+10
        0x1200003 "Start Panel": ("gnome-panel" "Gnome-panel")  1600x23+0+0  +0+1177
     0x122216c "Drawer": ("gnome-panel" "Gnome-panel")  46x23+363+1177  +363+1177
     0x1201a78 "Drawer": ("gnome-panel" "Gnome-panel")  46x23+279+1177  +279+1177

It appears to me that gnome-panel is not a managed window anymore, at least I don't see it in the
list of managed windows.  I'm trying to manipulate the 0x1200001 or 0x1200003 windows as they seem
like the most likely candidates to be correct.  I have the panel on the bottom of my 1600x1200
screen 0.

Any suggestions?


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