Re: Sawfish doesn't work properly with keybindings while using non-us keyboard layout

Alex Smirnov said:     (by the date of Tue, 20 Nov 2007 01:02:04 +0500)

> On 11/20/07, Janek Kozicki <janek_listy wp pl> wrote:
> >> Description of problem:
> >> When you switch your keyboard layout to non-us language, keybindings, which
> >> use
> >> functional keys ( e.g. Alt-Tab), don't work.
> >
> > are you using left or right tab?
> what is it "right tab"??

oh, sorry. I was thinking left or right ALT :-)

> > You can configure in "customize bindings" a second binding for
> > ISO_Level3_Shift-Tab for window cycling.
> >
> > When you change keyboard layout the meaning of keyboard keys gets
> > changed. So you need to add new keybindings that reflect the new
> > layout.
> >
> Yes. I and have made, but i don`t think it`s right enough.
> You so do not consider?

I don't understand...

1. you think it's not right that after change of keyboard layout you
need to change bindings?

2. or after you've done that, it still doesn't work?

You can have multiple keybindings for the same command, so that
finally they will work with all your keyboard layouts.

PS: please send replies to mailing list :^)

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