Re: Current status of sawfish?

GSR - FR said:     (by the date of Tue, 26 Jun 2007 00:02:11 +0200)

> What happened to the idea?

I'm in favor of also. Recently they were one of
winners in Webware 100:

So I think that it's a good place for wiki hosting.

Unless you are planning to have an SVN repository on
for sawfish I think that is better, simply because it is
*dedicated* to hosting wikis. Besides, why new SVN repository, are we
going to fork? I hope not :) 

So better go for, especially because it allows anonymous
edits - please have some faith in people! Nobody is going to damage
wiki, if someone wants to make more than 5 edits he will decide to
register anyway, simply to be able to sign his talks.

There is a good anti-spam captcha also. So everything is under control.

> Or after some thinking about what has happening (hosting issues here
> and there, "what we do?" doubts)... what about creating some kind
> distributed repo with source and / or docs (via GIT, SVK, BZR...)? IE,
> something anybody can publish and contribute?

Oh, right I should write that email to people that have access to SVN
repository of sawfish and kindly ask them to give this access to us -
the users who are willing to develop sawfish more. I'll send it right

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