Re: Sawfish on 64bit platforms

On Jul 27, Yoshiaki Kasahara wrote:
> On Fri, 27 Jul 2007 01:16:45 -0400,
> 	Eli Barzilay <eli barzilay org> said:
> > The problem is that the file is using `#xffffffff' in several
> > places,

More: the problem that I see is not in all uses of that constant, only
in this one:

	     (if (eql desktop #xffffffff)
		 ;; making window sticky
		 (make-window-sticky/workspace w)
	       ;; changing the desktop
	       (make-window-unsticky/workspace w)
	       (send-window-to-workspace-from-first w desktop nil))

If I change the above to f^16, I don't get the error.  (I think that I
previously changed all these constants, which lead to other errors.)

> > which doesn't work on 64 bit platforms.  This shows up later as a
> > 
> >   *** Bad argument: #<subr make-vector>, 73786976294838206464, 1
> I believe the problem had already been fixed in the main repository by
> the following patch.  I'm using sawfish on FreeBSD-amd64 without
> problems.
> Am I missing something?

The above wm-spec code is in the `client-message-handler' function,
which is applied in events.c -- in `client_message'.  Looking at that
source, I think that it has the same problem that the above patch
fixes (look for the "case 32:" near the end of the `client_message').

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