Re: reviving sawfish development - conclusion

John Harper said:     (by the date of Mon, 2 Jul 2007 08:31:20 -0700)

> >   1. mailing list

OK, thanks I have changed the password to some random sequence.
(because you didn't encrypt it :) And I updated the mailing list site
to point to our new wiki,

> >  2. SVN repository

On information on new accounts says that a single request
for an account can take as long as two weeks. So we will have to wait
for their action.

> >  3.
> I'm unable to log in to freshmeat, and don't know which email address  
> of mine they have

It is okay, the freshmeat crew has transferred to me the project
ownership (see "Project admins" on the right):

But I have a question about the "Author" - you.
I feel uneasy about being listed as project author, you have written
whole sawfish, I am now only helping all the people from mailing list
to cooperate on the future of sawfish.

I submitted in 'Author' following information:

  'John Harper (retired), new maintainer: Janek Kozicki'

But the freshmeat team insists that a single person should be there
with a working email address. And so they have put me, for now.

I want to ask, if it is okay for you to still list you there, with
your current (working) email address? It will mean, that you may
occasionally receive emails about sawfish... Or do you prefer that
I am listed there?

> >   4.

ok, I have updated the old website ( ).
Currently it points to our new wiki page, and when we are done moving
the contents - it will be just a redirection page.

best regards
Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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