Re: thanks

On Dec 5, 2007 5:09 PM, Ruslan Prokopiev <ruslan-pro mail ru> wrote:

> > I think you can have something similar if you change panels depth,
> > default should be zero IIRC, in your case raising to one, with the
> > "match" properties as Janek illustrated, should be enough. It's not
> > the same Metacity behaviour as with Sawfish you can move windows below
> > panels using the title bar when on Metacity it can only be achieved
> > using Alt+drag.
> > --
> > Andrea
> As you said, it's not the same Metacity behaviour, but it is enough for
> me.

As Sawfish is so flexible and pliable that can be manipulated and
molded like Jell-O (or cookie dough, or Play-Doh, or any kind of
dough... ^__^), i think could be enough to slightly modify the
"move-window-interactively" function and force it to use smaller top
and bottom screen borders, finally binding this new function to the
current title bar "Button1-Move" action.


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