Re: Sawfish beginner

itz madbat mine nu (2007-04-20 at 1510.06 -0400):
> arnuld> any ideas on start using Sawifish like, creating a Pager where i
> arnuld> can switch a Desktop or creating application launcher which can
> arnuld> launch applications by entering commands in it .
> There's a separate sawfish-pager package:

That page has been down for a long time, but you can get the latest
source from Debian servers, they keep the tarballs for the debs. Or
maybe your distro has it ready to be installed.
> I don't know about a laucher, I simply bind keys to commands (and I always
> have lots of terminals running, grin)

Keep one term with sawfish-client? :] has some interesting extras (included in
some distros too).


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