Re: yes/no dialog

> It happens that I accidentally click the Quit item on the main menu.
> Therefore I like to  change that item by adding a dialog which displays:
> Do you really want to quit Sawfish? and offering a Yes/No choice.
> Could anybody tell me how I can create such a dialog?

My solution is to have a couple of sub-menus that need to be executed
before you can log out.  Hitting the quit menu is harmless; you have
to do a couple of very careful submenu selections to exit successfully.

(setq root-menu
      '(("Windows" . window-menu)
	("Programs" . apps-menu)
	("Quick Connections" . quick-connections-menu)
	("Connections" . connections-menu)
	("Workspaces" . workspace-menu)
	("Customize" . custom-menu)
	 ("_FAQ..." help:show-faq)
	 ("_News..." help:show-news)
	 ("_WWW page..." help:show-homepage)
	 ("_Manual..." help:show-programmer-manual)
	 ("_About Sawfish..." help:about))
	("Restart" restart)
	("Quit" . quit-menu)

(defvar quit-menu
    ("DON'T DO THIS!")
    ("Exit even though I really shouldn't"
     ("Exit and annoy Geoff.")
     ("Don't be surprised if Geoff gets angry about this.")
     ("Okay, I'll take the blame -- log him out" quit)))

(define (popup-quit-menu)
  "Display the quit menu."
  (popup-menu quit-menu))
(define-command 'popup-quit-menu popup-quit-menu)

    Geoff Kuenning   geoff cs hmc edu

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to order, and does not clear your table, came up with the slogan ``We
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