Re: Sawfish bug on title changes

Eli, Timo, everyone:

I am a longtime happy Sawfish user, but I have a problem that I think
is related to Eli's. I am using CVS Sawfish on Fedora Core 5 x86_64,
Athlon X2 processor in particular.

Eli Barzilay wrote:
> Our project's applications were not playing nicely with Sawfish.
> After a long debugging session, I got to this line in events.c:
> if (actual == xa_compound_text || actual == XA_STRING)
> which didn't allow a new title event received from out application.
> It turns out that the atom that is received when this happens is
> "UTF8_STRING", which is omitted from the above condition.

I've read Timo's replies, and I understand that the apps might be
doing something wrong, but my symptom is this:

Sometimes, when an app sets a window title with 'international
characters', the title displayed by Sawfish is truncated, and Sawfish
hangs -- I have to switch to the text console and kill and restart
Sawfish to get back to work. After I restart Sawfish, the title is
displayed correctly. It seems that the title-setting event is failing
but the getting-the-title process that runs at startup works fine.

Does anyone have a fix for that??

I'm running sawfish under gdb right now and will provide more info and
perhaps a fix!



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