Re: Sawfish bug on title changes

On Jun  8, Timo Korvola iki fi wrote:
> Eli Barzilay <eli barzilay org> writes:
> > It turns out that the atom that is received when this happens is
> > "UTF8_STRING", which is omitted from the above condition.
> It appears that the bug is in your application rather than in
> Sawfish.

Possibly.  The thing is that no other WM has this problem.  (Except
for the ones I tried, we have a good user base, and nobody ever
complained about this except for me...)

> There is no mention of UTF8_STRING in the ICCCM.  The valid types
> for text are COMPOUND_TEXT, STRING and C_STRING.  The latter does
> not specify an encoding and is thus inappropriate here.  This leaves
> the two types that appear in the if statement.
> UTF-8 support is defined in the EWMH spec instead.  Applications can
> use the properties _NET_WM_NAME and _NET_WM_ICON_NAME as UTF-8
> encoded replacements for WM_NAME and WM_ICON_NAME.  The WM should
> use the _NET properties in preference to the traditional ones.  I am
> not sure if Sawfish does that.  If not, that would be a bug in
> Sawfish.

I know nothing about these protocols...  Let me try to put some code
-- our application sets the title using this code:

    if (!utf8_atom) {
      utf8_atom = XInternAtom(XtDisplay(X->frame), "UTF8_STRING", FALSE);
                  XtNtitleEncoding, utf8_atom,
                  XtNiconNameEncoding, utf8_atom,

Does it look like there's a problem here?

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