Sawfish-mmc and frame types

mmc-1.4.5 seems to have some problems with frame types other than
normal.  I have tried a number of different themes (since I was
originally using a tab enabled theme).

Frame type "Title Only" removes the bottom border while the sides remain
intact.  IIRC, under normal Sawfish the side and bottom borders
disappear and the title ends up being no wider than the window.

Frame type "Border Only" works fine until you try to shade it.

Frame type "Top Border" behaves quite strangely, and can also not be shaded.

Frame type "none" works just fine :).

I don't normally use "Title Only" but today I decided to it would be a
good way to fit 2 terminals perfectly across a single screen with a
reasonable font.  :)

Frame type of none works for this, though :).

This bug isn't causing me any trouble, and it is one of the few I have
encountered since switching to sawfish-mmc.


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