Re: Run command

On Sat, Apr 08 2006 at 17:50, Vladimir Zolotykh wrote:

> Suppose I need to PING some address. Now I call Xterm, then ping
> command in this terminal window, then I close the terminal window.

Maybe keeping the window opened is not a bad idea: you will be able,
in example, to review the history of your pings any time.

Or, if you use emacs, it's possible to run pings inside of it's
internal shell. So, actually you'll need to remember only one hot key:
for emacs.

> Even more inconvenient when I need just sudo emacs The tiresome
> sequence of actions again, calling xterm, doing sudo, closing xterm.

By the way it is not necessary to run another copy of emacs for root
tasks. You could use sudo [1]inside of emacs either.

> Is it possible to implement a new Sawfish command calling which
> would cause reading the command from keyboard and running it (maybe
> waiting for results).  Something like "Run Command" in WindowMaker

You could run an external program like [2]run-free or something
similar. But it will require an additional hot key to remember,

1. info:tramp



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