Re: sawfish, dual head, x86-64

Jan Kasprzak <kas fi muni cz> writes:

> Mark T.B. Carroll wrote:
> : Warning: sawfish's --multihead option is known to have fundamental
> :          design flaws, which may lead to sawfish behaving strangely, or
> :          the files in your ~/.sawfish directory being corrupted. Use
> :          this option at your own risk!
> 	Is it true? Will it eat my files? :-)

Well, it hasn't eaten mine yet, but I take frequent backups. (-:

The main oddity I've noticed is that if I 'quit' from :0.1 then sawfish
stops managing it but :0.0 remains managed. If I 'quit' from :0.0 then
sawfish quits entirely.

> 	There seems to be something wrong with window titles - 
> see the screenshot at
> - the text of the title is lowered so that it is partly cropped by the
> title bar.

Oooh. I've never seen that before.

> 	What about other probles I wrote about in the previous mail?

Alas, for those I know no more than you.

-- Mark

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