Re: sawfish, dual head, x86-64

Mark T.B. Carroll wrote:
: Jan Kasprzak <kas fi muni cz> writes:
: (snip)
: > with two screens). It seems that sawfish does not manage the windows
: > on the secondary head (:0.1), only the windows on the primary head.
: (snip)
: You /are/ running it with the --multihead option, right? (-:

	Oops. I did not know about that. Thanks! However, sawfish writes:

: Warning: sawfish's --multihead option is known to have fundamental
:          design flaws, which may lead to sawfish behaving strangely, or
:          the files in your ~/.sawfish directory being corrupted. Use
:          this option at your own risk!

	Is it true? Will it eat my files? :-)

	There seems to be something wrong with window titles - 
see the screenshot at
- the text of the title is lowered so that it is partly cropped by the
title bar.

	What about other probles I wrote about in the previous mail?

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