Re: ION-tab like in sawfish ?

On 5/16/05, Xavier Maillard <zedek gnu-rox org> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am experimenting Sawfish after having used Ion for several
> years now.
> I have looked at Yann Hodique's code to get ION/PWM behaviour,
> but I really don't have it working right now.
> I set up my sawfish according to the installation note, but
> pressing W-g doesn't do anything.
> Can anyone help me on this ?

first, thanks for trying out my code.
Also, I have to admit that the installation notes didn't reflect very
well the latest changes I made on this library :p (major refactoring)
I've just fixed it.
You can download the latest version of this lib here: svn checkout sigfish
The installation notes in tab.jl should be almost complete.

Btw, I use W-g as follows:
First W-g in a window
Second W-g in the group I want the window to be put in.
The function that performs this is also described in the installation notes.

Hope this helps,

P.S.: see you on #emacs ;)

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