first-fit, top-left and xinerama (dual monitor)

I am running sawfish over xinerama on two monitors.
I have noticed the following strange behavior when placing
windows.   It appears that sawfish it a bit confused
to where the first free space is when using two monitors

When using top-left, sawfish knows where the left monitor is
on placing a new window in the top-left hand corner.

Monitor   Left   Right

However when using first-fit, it strangely chooses the right monitor's
left hand corner.

Monitor   Left   Right
                 1 2 3

and after filling the first row on the right monitor will
return to the left monitor

Monitor   Left   Right
          3 4 5  1 2 3
                 6 7 8

Is this a bug?  Doesn't seem like a feature to me..


Kristian Kvilekval
kris cs ucsb edu w:805-893-2526 h:504-9756

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