Re: Why does Sawfish dislike KDE dockable applications?

Milan Zamazal <pdm zamazal org> writes:
> When I start a KDE application which docks into the system tray, its
> system tray icon usually jumps over the screen crazily,

The KDE system tray uses a half-documented protocol which requires
support from the window manager, which Sawfish does not have. has a newer protocol, which does not require special
tricks from the wm.  The KDE 3.3 tray applet seems to support both
protocols but applications use the old one.  I don't know if they have
switched to the new protocol in 3.4.  Is anyone here using KDE 3.4

> How can I prevent this problem occurring?

The simplest way is of course not to use the system tray.  I suppose
that support for the old protocol could be implemented in Sawfish but
I don't know if it is worth the trouble because KDE might and
hopefully will stop using that protocol.

Here is the incomplete documentation of the protocol:
People have tried to figure out the rest of it from the source:

	Timo Korvola		<URL:>

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