Re: Sawfish Wiki

lists L8R net (2005-06-16 at 2025.29 -0400):
> If you want, I can setup a copy of Tiki-wiki.  This sounds like there has
> been entirely too much pain involved all around...

The issue is that the wiki we end using must allow active antispam
policies without heavy headaches, so easy manual clean ups are a must
(better if some automated things can be done too). And someone behind
capable of updating the engine as necesary, or even doing inner
surgery (better if the system just can withstand abuse and all be
solved by remote users).

The last one (PmWiki engine) went down cos the spammers damaged it so
badly that there is no way to revert changes, it simple times out
before allowing you to do so (and now it does not even show anything,
anyway, check at ).

The wikis I follow are based in MoinMoin or MediaWiki engines, tho I
do not have serious admin experience with them, so I do not want to
cast votes at this moment. I heard in irc that maybe using wikicities
service would be a way (maybe not so good idea due the license
imposed, GFDL, say people want to contribute code under BSD, we should
ask about this detail first).

About old data, the tarballs are avaliable, but no idea how complete
they are. See


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