Re: [PATCH] xft and menus recoding from local charset to utf8


thanks for resending these patches, I had forgotten about the problem..

On Feb 14, 2005, at 12:59 PM, Anton Kazennikov wrote:
I use xft font rendering since pango is broken(I have pango 1.8.0 and it displays all text in single font). The problem with xft is that xft don't displays russian character correctly. It is needed to recode a string to utf8
before displaying it.

do you understand why pango doesn't work? fixing that may be easier..

Another patch is for window-list menu. There are similar problems: cyrillic characters aren't displayed at all. The patch is a very little modification
of the already submitted:

I'm wondering if instead it might be better to make sawfish use UTF-8 encoding everywhere, i.e. every text property is automatically converted to UTF-8 when read, and we try to never work with text in the user's locale.. (since that seems to be the root of all these problems)

any comments?


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