Re: sawfish taskbar

On Sun, 6 Feb 2005, Phil wrote:

I'm new to Sawfish (I use sawfish-1.2-3mdk, rpm for mandrake 10.0), and I'd like to give the taskbar a try, if possible -- I've read that the taskbar is hidden by default, and seen some screenshots of sawfish with a taskbar --. *If* ever it is included in the rpm I installed, do I have to modify a file (sawmill-defaults or something) to be able to see it?

Sawfish doesn't have a taskbar. It doesn't have anything except a root menu and a lisp environment.

Are you sure you're not talking about gnome-panel? Switch the wm by going into gnome's control center. Under advanced, open the session properties. Remove metacity from the current session and click apply. All the borders will disappear from the windows. Go to gnome panel's foot menu and select run application. Type '/usr/bin/sawfish'. When you log out, remember to save your session.

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