Josh Babcock writes:
> No, the variables are ok in .xsession. I put an echo statement on the line 
> before sawfish, and it showed exactly what I had set in .profile (my .xsession 
> sources .profile first thing anyway). Once sawfish starts up though, all it's 
> child processes have the complete environment minus LD_LIBRARY_PATH including 
> stuff that is only set in my .profile. I have tried substituting for the 
> terminal program and the shell, and sawfish was the only common factor. Is it 
> possible that something in my .sawfishrc is doing this? The string 
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH doesn't occur in that file.

Is it possible that your window manager ends up being executed by a
setuid or setgid program?  For security reasons, the Linux dynamic
loader (and probably others) removes the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment
variable when loading a setuid or setgid program.  ssh-agent is one

Neil Moore: neil s-z org,

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