timer question

Hello all,

I have the following code in my .sawfishrc:
;; Make some windows sticky: xclock and Emacs
(defvar my-toggle-sticky-timer)
(defun my-toggle-sticky ()
  ;(display-message "Firing my-make-sticky"); Turn on to see the timer
  (if (and (get-window-by-name "xclock") (get-window-by-name "*scratch*"))
      ((toggle-window-sticky (get-window-by-name "xclock"))
       (toggle-window-sticky (get-window-by-name "*scratch*")))
    (set-timer my-toggle-sticky-timer) ;; restart the one-shot timer
(require 'rep.io.timers)
(setq my-toggle-sticky-timer (make-timer my-toggle-sticky 5 0)) ;; 5
secs and 0 milisecs delay

It works and does what I want, however, I get en error message:

invalid function:()

in a window of type you get when you use (display-message "...")

What am I doing wrong?

Related to this, although there are some resources on the web, there is
no rep manual I was able to find similar to Emacs Lisp Manual. Is there
such a manual and I am missing it, or is it that everyone who uses
sawfish has a degree in Computer Science?

Thanks for your time,


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