Re: problem with edge flipping

try moving the require line below the lines setting up the variables, I think that should fix it,


On Apr 10, 2005, at 12:58 PM, Josh Babcock wrote:

I searched the archives and found no reference to this, so:

I have the following in my .sawfishrc

(require 'sawfish.wm.ext.edge-flip)
(define-special-variable edge-flip-enabled t
  "Select the next desktop when the pointer hits screen edge.")
(define-special-variable edge-flip-type 'viewport
"Control what hitting the screen edge selects, workspace or viewport.")
(define-special-variable edge-flip-only-when-moving nil
  "Only flip when interactively moving a window.")
(define-special-variable edge-flip-delay 300
  "Milliseconds to delay before edge flipping.")

but moving the cursor does not flip to the next viewport. I have keys bound to do this, and they work fine. I can get edge flipping to work by entering sawfish-ui (which shows edge-flip-only-when- moving as being turned off) and setting edge-flip-only-when-moving to on and then back to off. The problem returns when I restart sawfish.

I'm using v 1.3 from the debian testing repository. The problem exists running under both XFree86- and Xorg-6.8.2. Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround? I was thinking that I could run a script through sawfish-client, but I can't figure out how to access the variable.


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