Re: opening windows in diff workspaces

Tom <sawfish tlcprogramming com> wrote:

> Ahhh ... you could be right, I always forget which is which, I know
> since after RH8 using sawfish hasn't been as simple. I don't even know
> how to get multiple viewports setup. I used to but I lost my config
> file. Hell, I keep a back up of my current one in 14 different places
> now, if I ever loose my mouse over and focus setup I'll be pissed
> cause there is not way to recreate it any more.
> Anyway...I tried using the matched windows, and it recognizes the
> window because it will resize it correctly, but it ignores the
> workspace setting.
> I'll check the OPTIONS file .. thanks.


Where is this ptions file? I'm using 1.3 and can't seem to find it.


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