Re: opening windows in diff workspaces

Ahhh . ok .. never knew what that was for .. makes sense now ...
hummm ...

I am going to play with it but I'll ask the question now just in case ..
the majority of the windows are all gnome-terminal .. but somehow do not
think that matters ... 

many thanks

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On Sat, 11 Sep 2004 01:17:47 -0400 Tom <sawfish tlcprogramming com> wrote:

> Sometime ago sawfish used to allow windows to overlap multiple
> workspaces. I understand that the way workspaces are created has changed
> but the old behavior allowed you to open a window using the --geometry
> flag and place it in different workspaces.
> Since this is no longer possible, is there another way to open a window
> in a different workspace?
> I used to use to automatically open up certain applications and position
> them on my desktop where I wanted then.
> Thoughts?

Isn't the "matched windows" feature what you are looking for?

You can use sawfish-ui ("Matched Windows" tab) to configure the the
applications you want to be matched or you can use something like the
following code in your .sawfishrc:

(add-window-matcher 'WM_NAME "window-name"
		    '(workspace  . 4)
		    '(position  . (0 . 0)))


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