Re: New spawned windows kill random other windows


Jonathan Sambrook wrote on Wed, 25.08.2004:
> Hi,
> Running Gnome 2.6 and Xinerama.
> I've noticed this behaviour being triggered by k3b and by gmplayer.
> The former when returning to the main window from a burn and the
> gmplayer when it displays error message dialogue boxes (often spilling
> out oodles of them one-after-the-other (crap coding I guess, but
> still...).
> I assume that they are messing with some sort of window display list
> inside Sawfish since the applications remain running, but disappear
> from view and from Gnome's Window List. They don't reappear if I
> restart Sawfish.
> Does this sound familiar t anyone?

yes, i have kind of the same problem. sometimes, if an application only
shows a window for a very short time, other windows disappear
mysteriously even though the process is still running and the window is
still listed in "xwininfo -root -tree". restarting sawfish doesn't help.
over here, this happens mostly with applications like easytag, that pop
up a progress window when scanning a directory or something similar.
i've reported this problem 2 or 3 times to the list, but nobody seems to
sawfish 1.0.1 is the last version that doesn't have this problem.



Hiroschima 45, Tschernobyl 86, Windows 95

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