Re: themes and customization

On Sep 1, 2004, at 12:00 AM, Andreas Büsching wrote:
This definitely helped, but not to completely solve the problem. It looks like the variable gex:border-width is correctly evaluated in the frame definitions now, but not in functions like gex:draw-corner-item. It seems that the value of gex:border-width is still constant within these functions. Any idea?

this is wrong:

(defvar gex:common-parts
  `( ;; top-left corner top part
    ((background . ,(gex:draw-corner-item 'top-left 'top))
     (left-edge . ,(lambda () (- gex:border-width)))
(top-edge . ,(lambda () (- (+ gex:titlebar-height gex:border-width))))
     (class . top-left-corner))


    ((background . ,(lambda () (gex:draw-corner-item 'top-left 'top)))

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