Re: sawfish-client or rep help

On Sat, Nov 20, 2004 at 11:30:22PM +0100, Daniel Nogradi wrote:

> Thanks Mario, Ewan, Eric!
> It works, the reason I needed this is that after starting X and
> sawfish-1.3 with gtk2 (no gnome) the first time I click the middle
> mouse button it takes some time for the root menu to come up. All
> subsequent clicks are fast, I guess it has to do with putting things
> in the memory. I thought I would solve it by adding something to my
> .Xclient that is equivalent to a middle mouse click but it shouldn't
> really bring up the menu, only load the necessary code.
> Now I am not really sure if loading the rep code is the bottleneck or
> simply gtk2 is slow, independently of sawfish.

There is an external menu subprocess that handles popups.  First time through,
this will need to be started, and the menu definition itself may be built at
that time too (I don't know myself, but maybe).  Try adding

(require 'sawfish.wm.menus)

to your ~/.sawfish/rc.  This will start the menu subprocess immediately, and
since by default it doesn't die off (menu-program-stays-running is t) then
that should help with your problem.

If that doesn't help, then maybe you have a complicated root menu definition,
and maybe simply evaluating root-menu on start-up will help.



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