Re: sawfish-client or rep help

Thanks Mario, Ewan, Eric!

It works, the reason I needed this is that after starting X and
sawfish-1.3 with gtk2 (no gnome) the first time I click the middle
mouse button it takes some time for the root menu to come up. All
subsequent clicks are fast, I guess it has to do with putting things
in the memory. I thought I would solve it by adding something to my
.Xclient that is equivalent to a middle mouse click but it shouldn't
really bring up the menu, only load the necessary code.

Now I am not really sure if loading the rep code is the bottleneck or
simply gtk2 is slow, independently of sawfish.

Any ideas?

Thanks again,

> You can execute
> (require 'menus)
> (popup-root-menu)
> in the sawfish-client shell to do that.

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