New restart question

OK, assuming the sawfish-client restart error can be ignored, the
other problem I'm having.

I have the following code in .sawfishrc, intending to create a
named xterm on X startup, and preventing certain code from
executing when sawfish might be restarted:

(unless (get-window-by-name "Sawfish Root Xterm")
  (system "/usr/X11R6/bin/xterm -T \"Sawfish Root Xterm\"&")
  (system "xmodmap ~/.xmodmaprc"))

This code works if fed to sawfish-client, but not on restart. Is it
the case that during restart, get-window-by-name can't function?

Any better way of getting first-time-only execution?


Brendan Halpin,  Department of Sociology,  University of Limerick,  Ireland
Tel: w +353-61-213147 f +353-61-202569 h +353-61-390476; Room F2-025 x 3147
mailto:brendan halpin ul ie

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