sawfish on opteron, and how do I compile from CVS


	I too am working with sawfish on an opteron, (Fedora Core 2) and I'm having 
problems.  I downloaded the linwnk code, installed it, and then re-compiled 
sawfish from the Fedora sources.  This didn't fix my problem, which is that I 
can't get sawfish to recognize matched windows ( like matching "Bottom panel" 
to put it on a layer so it is always on top).  Also, even with the libwnk 
"fix", which only helped some of my problems with the pager, I see no images 
of other desktops except the top left hand corner desktop, even when I have 
windows on other desktops.  This kind of defeats the purpose of the pager, to 

	So, it sounds like I need to download sawfish from the cvs and compile it.  I 
have done 'cvs checkout', but now I am having problems getting configure 
made.  Is there a autoconf for idiots page somewhere which would help me, or 
am I barking up the wrong tree?


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