Re: Re-enabling workspaces properly

Sorry for the misleading subject -- only now did I notice that I've
been writing about workspaces half the time, where obviously I meant
viewports throughout.

On Tue, 27 Jul 2004 11:18:50 +0100, Ewan Mellor
<sawfish ewanmellor org uk> posted to gmane.comp.window-managers.sawfish:
 > On Tue, Jul 27, 2004 at 08:20:41AM +0300, era+gmane iki fi wrote:
 >> <jkoren cs siu edu> posted to gmane.comp.window-managers.sawfish:
 >> > On Mon, 26 Jul 2004 era+gmane iki fi wrote:
 >> >> how do I get back the menu choices pertaining to viewports on
 >> >> the window menu. I couldn't find anything about this in the OPTIONS
 >> > (setq customize-command-classes '(default viewport))
 >> > (setq viewport-dimensions '(3 . 3))
 >> And you get the Viewport Up, Down, Left, Right choices in the Send
 >> window to submenu of the window menu, is that right? Which version of
 >> Sawfish is this?
 > Well, I presume that these menu options used to exist, but I can't
 > find them, so I presume that they've been removed. There's a
 > long-term vendetta against viewports being prosecuted by the
 > Sawfish team, though no-one's ever explained why.

Yes, that's what the comment about the children of my children was
alluding to in my original message. :-/

 > I suggest that you add the commands that you want yourself.  Try
 > (setq root-menu
 >       (cons `("_Viewports" . (("Move Viewport _Left"  (move-viewport -1  0))
 >                               ("Move Viewport _Right" (move-viewport  1  0))
 >                               ("Move Viewport _Up"    (move-viewport  0 -1))
 >                               ("Move Viewport _Down"  (move-viewport  0  1)))
 >               )
 >             root-menu))

So there really isn't any remnant of the original definition? Thanks
for nudging me in the right direction. Here's what I ended up with:

;; Activate viewports again (grr).
;; The customize-command-classes thing gleaned from OPTIONS and
;; <>;
;; window-ops-menu basically cribbed from how Sawfish 1.0.1 did it
;; based on a suggestion by Ewan Mellor.

(require 'sawfish.wm.viewport)

(define-special-variable customize-command-classes '(viewport default)
  "Also include commands of these classes the key bindings panel.
Add the `viewport' keyboard to make viewport commands show up.")

(setq viewport-dimensions '(2 . 2))

(let ((sendto (assoc "_Send window to" window-ops-menu)))
  (if sendto
      (nconc (cdr sendto)
	       ("_Left"  move-window-left)
	       ("_Right" move-window-right)
	       ("_Up"    move-window-up)
	       ("_Down"  move-window-down) ) )
    (error ".sawfishrc: \"_Send window to\" menu not found") ) )


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