Re-enabling workspaces properly

I guess this must have been asked before, but I've only managed to
find half answers in Google. In fact, I'd think this would be a FAQ if
I ever saw one but I could only find half answers in the FAQ, too
(looked in the CVS sources and the wiki).

What are the steps required to re-enable workspaces completely?

I've figured out that I need to add something like

  (define-special-variable customize-command-classes '(viewport default)
    "Also include commands of these classes the key bindings panel.
  Add the `viewport' keyboard to make viewport commands show up.")

  (setq viewport-dimensions '(2 . 2))

to my .sawfishrc (this is the recommended dot file, yes?) but I still
miss at least one thing, viz. the viewport commands on the window menu
(move to other viewport, etc). Is there a similarly simple way to get
those back, too?

I'll be happy to add something to the Wiki about this if nobody else

Yes, I realize this is unsupported and the children of my children are
going to have to pay for this etc etc.

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