Re: Annoying bug with GNOME 2.6 at startup

Christian Marillat wrote:

Andrea Vettorello <dnc thctribe net> writes:

Christian Marillat wrote:

Thiçs doesn't help. Could you find one which contains the "Top Panel"

words ?

I've create a fresh user (so there are the default gnome top and bottom
panel) and saved the session, i've attached the file created.

And with this configuration the top panel is restored at the bottom ?

Yes, the top panel is moved behind the bottom panel, so seems vanished.

I see nothing wrong. In a old file I've seen that the position for top
panel was set to the same position than the bottom panel.

Seems ok to me too, don't know if i have some stale config somewhere.

When i login at first i can see the top panel to appear in the right position and then is moved on the bottom.


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