Re: multibyte chars in window titles

Jonathan Koren wrote:

I'm running sawfish 1.3+cvs20040617 (Debian's unstable package).

Sawfish has never supported multibyte characters in window titles, but in
the past it used to display them as hexcodes, such as \x{43af}.  Now
sawfish doesn't update the title at all when presnted with wide

My question is simple.  Are multibyte character ever going to be supported
in sawfish, and if so when?  I ask, only because it seems like sawfish
development has stalled.

I'm running Sid too and after setting the locales to UTF-8 (i've done this using the option on GDM, but should be the same reconfiguring the locales packages or exporting the LC_CTYPE env variables) show multibyte characters on titles, at least with firefox, so sawfish seems capable of display them. Anyway seems there are some problems with other applications, for example opening a file with gedit that contains non ASCII charachters on the filename.


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