Re: property_notify: refresh_frame_parts hardwired.

On Jan 13, 2004, at 3:39 PM, Michal Maruška wrote:
Someone on IRC asked, how to avoid a form of DOS attack caused by a window which
changes its window name continuously.

I suggested using a timer in a function in prop-changes, instead of what themes
usually register(a direct call to rebuild-frame).

But a closer look at events.c, property_notify, shows, that the frame update is
hardwired in C.

Is there any reason for
     w->property_change = refresh_frame_parts;
in list_frame_generator (frames.c) ?

originally I envisaged having different C-based frame implementations, hence those function pointers. It didn't happen that way though

if this issue became a serious problem, the first way I would try to fix it would be to move the entire property notification code onto a timer, with coalescing of events referring to the same window/property pair that arrive before the timer fires


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