Re: extra leave and enter events on button press

Jan Nieuwenhuizen <janneke gnu org> writes:

> With sawfish 1.3 CVS, a mouse click on a window sends a
> leave_notify_event and a enter_notify_event to the window first,
> before sending the button_press_event.  This is quite annoying, as it
> breaks cut and paste and clicking in browser (mozilla) popup divs.

I've talked about it on irc (#xlib @ freenode) w/ somebody.

The source of this is the grab.
This page explains it: 

So, either the app should ignore those events (quoting from that page)
"with the mode members of the XEnterWindowEvent
and XLeaveWindowEvent structures set to NotifyGrab."

or you should instruct Sawfish not to grab the click events (on those windows).

for example:
(unbind-keys  window-keymap "Button1-Click")

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