Re: Switch workspaces using mouse wheel?


Mihai T. Lazarescu wrote:
On Thu, 26 Feb 2004, Andreas Büsching wrote:

Mihai T. Lazarescu wrote:

Is this possible in sawfish?  I've seen hints for some other
WMs, but have no idea for sawfish.

Should be possible. For a test I assigned 'mouse wheel down' to pack-window-down and it just worked fine. I used the customization dialog for bindings, selected the function and grabbed the key.
That's it. In my configuration the 'mouse wheel down' appears to be Button5.

That's what I tried in the first place, but grab does nothing
for me if I move the mouse wheel (fully functional, otherwise).
Typing in Button5 is not recognized as valid key, either.

Okay grabbing seems to require some luck ;-) Looks like I need to have my mouse at specific point on the window or something like that ... hmm ... Okay I found out that I need to move the mouse pointer away from the 'Edit Binding' window (where 'Grab' button is located). Only in that case grabbing the mouse wheel works for me.

If it still does not work, try to use Button5-Click instead of Button5, this should work.


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