Re: Switch workspaces using mouse wheel?

On Thu, 26 Feb 2004, Andreas Büsching wrote:

> Mihai T. Lazarescu wrote:
> > Is this possible in sawfish?  I've seen hints for some other
> > WMs, but have no idea for sawfish.
> Should be possible. For a test I assigned 'mouse wheel down' to 
> pack-window-down and it just worked fine. I used the customization 
> dialog for bindings, selected the function and grabbed the key.
> That's it. In my configuration the 'mouse wheel down' appears to be Button5.

That's what I tried in the first place, but grab does nothing
for me if I move the mouse wheel (fully functional, otherwise).
Typing in Button5 is not recognized as valid key, either.

Any idea why is this happening or how can be fixed?  I use a
generic USB mouse.



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